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COVID-19 Update

If you are looking for information to help re-opening businesses as restrictions are lifted, TWQA has republished a number of helpful documents from the EPA, OSHA and the national Water Quality Association. Those documents can be found in our Disaster Recovery Library.

TWQA News and Events

October Advanced Water Conditioning Training Rescheduled (21 October 2020)

TWQA has rescheduled the October 2020 Advanced Water Conditioning class for October 27, 28 and 29. In addition to the change in dates, the class times have also changed. Class will begin at 7:00AM on October 27 and at 8:00AM on October 28 ... Read More


TWQA thanks Cargill Salt for 3 years of continuous support.

October Advanced Training Postponed (12 October 2020)

Earlier today, TWQA announced that the Advanced Water Conditioning online training scheduled for October 13-15 2020 must be postponed due to an illness. The association apologizes to everyone for the inconvenience. The course will be rescheduled for later in the month. All registered participants have the option to attend the later ... Read More


TWQA thanks Sonoma County Soap Company for its support.

TWQA Cancels 47th Annual Convention & Exposition (18 July 2020)

On Monday, July 13, 2020, the Texas Water Quality Association Board of Directors voted unanimously to cancel the 47th Annual Convention which had been rescheduled for October, 2020, in San Antonio, Texas.   According to Daina Grace, TWQA Executive Director, "The ability to hold a safe in person event has been greatly affected by the current surge in COVID-19 cases as well ... Read More


TWQA thanks Purolite Corporation for 5 years of continuous support.

Online Training Now Available (12 May 2020)

TWQA is now offering online training for water quality professionals preparing for, and maintaining, Water Quality Specialist certification in the State of Texas. According to Daina Grace, TWQA Executive Director, the Association's goal is to offer both Basic Water Conditioning and Advanced Water Conditioning,  hosted by state-certified instructors, on a ... Read More


TWQA thanks Kinetico Incorporated for 2 years of continuous support.

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The Texas Water Quality Association is the trade association representing the household, commercial, and industrial water quality improvement industry in Texas.