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TCEQ Regulations

In accordance with state law, Texas Water Code Chapter 37, and Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1904.052, any individual who installs and services fixed or portable equipment in public or private systems in the State of Texas for the analysis and treatment of potable water to alter or purify the water or to add or remove a mineral, chemical, or bacterial content must be a Licensed Water Treatment Specialist. (WTS)

The following table describes WTS licensing requirements. For more information about obtaining a WTS License, please visit the TCEQ Website

Water Treatment Specialist License Information
Water Treatment Specialist License Type & Level Validity Period Application Fee Education for Renewal Experience Required Training Credit Exam Required Continuing Education for Renewal
Class I Water Treatment Specialist 3 Years $111.00 None None None Yes 12 Hours
Class II Water Treatment Specialist 3 Years $111.00 Less than High School Diploma 3 Years Basic Water Conditioning Course Yes 12 Hours
High School Diploma or GED 2 Years
1 Year of College 1 Year
Class III Water Treatment Specialist 3 Years $111.00 High School Diploma or GED 1 to 3 years depending upon the amount and type or education or training completed Basic Water Conditioning Course Yes 12 Hours
2 Years of College
Bachelor's Degree*
* Only college degrees in an engineering discipline eligible for registration as a professional engineer in Texas. Degrees with a major in chemistry, biology, bacteriology, or an approved similar discipline are acceptable on a case by case basis.

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