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TWQA Course Descriptions

Basic Water Conditioning Schedule
The Basic Water Conditioning course is required for both a Class II & Class III Water Treatment Specialist license and is a good introductory course for those entering the water conditioning field.

The course can also be used for re-certification credit.

6 hrs CEU
Course #0691
Advanced Water Conditioning Schedule
The Advanced water conditioning course deals with subjects of an advanced nature, including reverse osmosis and deionization systems operation and some higher level water conditioning math. This course is a good refresher course for those involved in water conditioning as well as those wanting to learn more about the field.

The course is required for Class III certification, and it does qualify for re-certification credit.

7 hrs CEU
Course #0692
Water Quality Analysis for Small Water Systems Schedule
Water Quality Analysis for Small Water Systems

8 hrs CEU
Course #1101
Basic & Advanced Math Schedule
This course was developed to teach the math covered on the Water Treatment Specialist license exams. It is not a required course. There must be 10 people preregistered for the course to be offered.

6 hrs CEU
Course #1280
Applied Water Chemistry Schedule
Participants will be able to list 4 types of contaminant behavior in water, match treatment method to contaminant behavior and explain how temperature affects water treatment.

1 hrs CEU
Course #AWC01
Basics of Ion Exchange Schedule
Understanding Ion Exchange: Softener Regeneration and Softener Capacity Recovery - Attendees will get an understanding of primary components of a water softener, how Ion exchange principal works within a softener and how hardness is removed and the media bed regenerated as well as the comparison of salt dosage to bed capacity recovery.

1 hrs CEU
Course #BIE01
Commercial Water Treatment Equipment Sizing Schedule
Participants will learn what data needs to be collected so that common commercial water treatment equipment can be properly sized. The mathematical process used to size equipment and how different applications for the same equipment type affect sizing calculations.

1 hrs CEU
Course #CES01
Testing for PFAS: Regulations and Best Practices Schedule
Attendees will learn where PFAS come from, how they were discovered in our water, future testing requirements under the UCMR, and get familiar with testing method and proper sample collection.

1 hrs CEU
Course #PFAS01
pH vs. Alkalinity Schedule
Gain greater understanding of the principal differences between pH and alkalinity; Use water analysis to diagnose potential quality problems and how to correct them.

1 hrs CEU
Course #PHA01
Legionella - Understanding the Risks Schedule
Attendees will learn how to identify potential Legionella infection risks, how to do as much as possible to prevent infection, plumting and maintenance best practices and how to reduce operational liability.

1 hrs CEU
Course #UL01

For information on other available training, see alternative course list.

For questions regarding Training Courses please contact the TWQA Education & Training Chairman, Perry Ratcliff, by email at