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Hot Stops

2016 WQA Convention & Exposition

The Water Quality Association's annual convention and exposition attracts multiple water industry groups including process, drinking water, and ultrapure for residential, commercial and industrial users.

For general information regarding Aquatech 2016 , please visit the Aquatech Website.

The 2016 WQA Convention & Exposition is a one-stop event that connects technologies, know-how, education, training, networking and business opportunities to multiple water industries. It's where your industry and your association brings together, in one place, essential people, new ideas and innovative technology. It is the most cost effective way to develop relationships, learn about equipment and devices, and pick up business tips. Don't miss this once-a-year opportunity to connect with your industry.

Download the 2016 WQA Attendee Packet to get a schedule of TCEQ-accredited training available at this year's WQA convention.

Keep a record of the courses you attend using the 'WQA Convention & Exposition 2016 - Technical Sessions' form in the training package. Complete and return the form to the TWQA Executive Director, or fax the completed form to 361.578-6708, by March 31 2016 and we'll submit the forms to TCEQ.

Remember, to receive credit for a course, you must attend the entire session.

Non-TWQA Members will be charged a $20.00 processing fee for submitting credits to TCEQ.